QC Application

Control your process and assure the quality of your produce with real-time information. Simple, automatized and friendly interface. Developed to make complete reports in field, process sites or wherever you are.


Automatic real-time reports

With CheckView digitalize QC forms, make quality and visit reports. Centralizing and standardizing the information. Obtaining reports in seconds of the status of your product.



CheckView has been developed per specie, from the production and export operation to control and ensure the quality of fresh products, adapting easily and efficiently to your business.


From origin to destiny

Visualize, segment batches, control processes and arrivals at destination with an advanced, secure and reliable information system. Available at different levels in the production chain.


Off-line Mode

Using CheckView generates reports from wherever you are. If your phone has no signal, we will save your information until you are reconnected.



Control and visualize your operation in the different production areas and processing locations.



The Check View application is compatible with all Android and IOS devices and operating systems. Generating automatic emails with information in PDF, Excel and in three different languages ​​(Spanish, English and Chinese).


Admin platform

Manage the quality of your product by market and business lines with a multi-user and easy-to-use platform. Edit the app according to your farms, packhouses, species, users, standards, tolerances, restrictions, and much more.

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End to end information

Improve communication, inform areas involved and make timely decisions based on the quality and objective condition of your product.


Easy to use

Friendly interface with automatic calculations, bounded fields, action suggestions and real-time reports that allows to optimize times and minimize errors in quality control.

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