Data Analytics

Take control of your business through an advanced management platform that unifies, standarize and automatically analyzes the information of your processes. From origin to destination.


Unified Dashboards

Visualize your product throughout the season, with all the information in one place. Robust system of platforms developed by species, based on the needs of the export business and the respective analysis of the industry.

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Advanced control and analysis

Transform data into information, automatically analyzed and control your processes in real time with viewers and filters by time frames, area, species, variety, KPI's and much more.

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Database integration

Use your historical data, standardize and analyze the evolution of your products in time scales. Make seasonal summaries with your information in a few clicks.

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Real Time Alerts

Establish alarms and notifications that allows to know critical points at the moment and making strategic decisions, based on reliable information.

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Shared Reports

Control, analyze and share reports, trends of interest for the different areas involved (PDF, Excel, boards shots)

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Responsive design

Are you in field? Don’t worry. Be notified and access the analysis dashboards from any device (responsive design) and from anywhere with internet access.


Agronomic Analysis

Personalize your experience with the CheckView system. With the help of our professionals, in analytics and platform monitoring of the key points of the production process and export of fresh products.

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